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  • HM003 Logistics tracker

HM003 Logistics tracker

Product Description

The ability to view the location of cargo and assets on-demand gives logistics companies total control and a sense of security. Cargo theft is costing businesses billions of dollars, and this is a reason enough to take precautions to prevent criminals from getting away with your valuable assets.

View the location of your valuable assets anytime

In today’s world, millions of shipping containers are being transported from one location to another every single day. Cargo theft is a serious issue that logistics companies face every day. But cargo theft can be prevented; containers can be protected or recovered with the help of GPS tracking devices. We offer small to large businesses a means for tracking the location of their cargo in real-time.

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Cold chain logistics management

Container logistics management

Online map positioning

Fleet management

Mechanical equipment positioning management

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Digital temperature and humidity sensor Ublox independent GPS positioning 2G/3G/4G eMTC, NB network

Global roaming

Bluetooth connection to mobile phone BT broadcast & receiving

Applied for a variety of location-based scene applications.


Operation time: not less than 5 years

5 reports per day, including GPS, BT, sensors data WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


Bluetooth BT4.1 Acceleration sensor Water Proof:IP66

Operation Temperature -20~+55

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