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  • QHY001 GPS Trackers

QHY001 GPS Trackers

Product Description

Track their location

Live tracking will give you an update on your pet’s position every 3 seconds and if you stop using this feature for 5minutes, it turns itself off to avoid draining the battery.

Retrace your pet's daily adventure by viewing location history in a calendar within the app(store for up 2 months), so you can see their favorite spots and when they like to visit them.

GPS Trackers For Your Pets (Dog and Cat GPS Trackers

Monitor their health and activity

Track everything your pet does, from walking to running, sleeping to eating, with a daily overview of calories burned based on their breed, all via the dashboard. Using the findings to set your pet goals, plan their diet and maintain their health.

GPS Trackers For Your Pets (Dog and Cat GPS Trackers



Design: Large

Battery 780 ma

Long standby time

LTE Cat.1 network

Wifi indoor positioning

Bluetooth connection to cellphone Beeper

Multiple mounting accessories

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