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  • QHY003 Cat M1&NB-IoT Asset Tracker

QHY003 Cat M1&NB-IoT Asset Tracker

- 280mAh Rechargeable Battery ;
- Low-power design;
- Waterproof, IP65 compliant, can be used in harsh environments;
- Built-in multiple sensors
- Supports Bluetooth
- Ultra-thin design, easy to install and carry
- Supports external USB sensor

Asset Tracking: Cat M1&NB-IoT

Product Description

In today's world, millions of shipping containers are being transported from one location to another every single day. Cargo theft is a serious issue that logistics companies face every day. But cargo theft can be prevented; containers can be protected or recovered with the help of GPS tracking devices. 


We offer Logistimatics Tracker  for tracking the location of their cargo in real-time.If you need, welcome to contact us.

QHY003 Cat M1&NB-IoT Asset Tracker


Dimensions: 66.8*66.8*5.65mm
Weight: 23±2g
Cellular Connectivity: LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT



- Cold chain logistics management
- Container logistics management
- Vaccine transportation
- Fleet management

Types of Logistimatics Tracker


1. Vehicle Tracking Devices
Huiye's vehicle tracking devices can help you monitor the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet—plus reduce fuel costs, improve maintenance scheduling, minimize theft risk, lower insurance costs, monitor driving behaviors, and increase driver accountability.


2. Asset Tracking Devices
Asset tracking devices can help you improve theft protection, contract enforcement, maintenance scheduling, and customer support in your fleet—all while giving you peace of mind that your high-value assets are always exactly where they're supposed to be.


3. Satellite & Solar Based GPS Tracking Devices
Huiye's satellite and solar powered GPS tracking devices provide extended battery life, so you can still meet your location tracking needs while drastically reducing the amount of time and money spent on battery maintenance.


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