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What Tools Help Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs? GPS

Nov. 18, 2021

HM003 Logistics trackerDo you manage a small to medium sized fleet? Are you tired of fluctuating fuel costs from month to month? At HUIYE, we understand. Consolidating expenses can be difficult, and fluctuating costs make fuel seem like a variable you can't be sure of. But what if there was a secret to stabilizing your fleet's fuel costs?

A GPS tracking solution will allow you to manage engine idle time, monitor driver speed, optimize routes, manage vehicle records, and maintain vehicle components with ease. Not only will you be able to track your fleet, but you will be able to use the data provided to you by GPS to improve fuel efficiency.

Monitor Driving Speeds

In cities, traffic lights are synchronized to make vehicle movements as consistent as possible. That's why you may see traffic lights on Main Street switch to green when vehicles are moving.

A GPS tracking solution can monitor the driving speed of your fleet. This allows you to ensure that your drivers are complying with speed regulations and better serve their abilities.

Optimize Fleet Routing

Have you considered eliminating left turns on as many fleet routes as possible? It may seem like an odd thing to do, but left turns often result in route delays and cost more fuel due to idling at traffic lights or for oncoming traffic.

Reduce engine idling

When an engine idles, it uses fuel. Stopping at a red light, at a stop sign or giving way at an intersection is unavoidable engine idle time; however, there are some engine idle situations that GPS tracking devices can help you reduce or avoid altogether: idling your engine while stopped, keeping your cabin warm while waiting, powering up your air conditioning, and more.

With GPS tracking, you can view the vehicle's route, where it spends its time, and how long it idles.

Improve vehicle maintenance

Maintenance of your vehicles is an obligation you can't avoid, so why not make it easier on yourself? In your fleet management software, you can use GPS to track mileage, fuel usage and potential maintenance alerts. When you're proactive about keeping up with maintenance, you'll save money in the long run over constantly fixing your vehicle.

 Logistimatics GPS Tracking

Check vehicle records

Comparing fuel costs and fuel mileage may be a necessary obligation as a fleet manager. But what if you could do all of this through your GPS tracking solution? Monitor vehicle fuel usage and costs, and prevent fuel theft with a GPS tracking device. You can see where your fleet is staying and moving to stay on top of any nefarious activity.

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