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What Can Dogs GPS Tracking Collars Do for Me?

Mar. 01, 2022

Sometimes dogs will walk around when they are off leash. They have the potential to fight with other animals and this can be a huge concern for pet owners, especially with large dogs that are difficult to control.

For pet owners, their dog is not their pet, but their best friend and beloved furry family member. With the technology of GPS, it is now easy to find your lost dog. By using a GPS tracking , you can quickly find your dog's location.

 Cat.1 GPS Personal Tracking

Is it worth buying?

The best thing about GPS tracking collars is that you always know where your dog is. You can track your dog in real time from a smartphone that you already have in your pocket.

When you first purchase a tracker, you will need to download and install the app, which will then automatically connect to your dog's tracker. GPS trackers are available for all sizes of dogs, even the smallest breeds. They are light weight and very small in size. You can easily attach the pet tracker to your dog's collar and your dog won't even realize it's there.

You can determine where your dog can comfortably roam, such as your own backyard, and then when your dog leaves the area, you will receive a notification on your phone informing you that your dog is outside the perimeter.

GPS Personal Tracking

Dog GPS benefits

One important benefit of using a GPS tracker is that it is now easier to find lost dogs or dogs that have escaped without having to worry about where they are. Sometimes appointments are missed, or pet owners are late for work because they are too busy looking for their lost dog. If your dog is wearing a tracker, simply open the app and track the dog's location exactly.

Everyone has their phone with them for most of the day. The beauty of the technology loaded into GPS trackers is that they are smartphone friendly. No matter where you are, you can easily receive notifications.

Pet trackers are pet friendly, they simply attach to your dog's collar and do not irritate the skin or contain any harsh chemicals. Your dog will not have any adverse reactions when using the collar.

The tracker can detect your dog's location from anywhere, which is very useful when the dog may be stolen. You can bring information about your dog's location to the police, who can easily and quickly retrieve your dog. Newer models are very small and unsuspecting, so the person stealing the dog may not even notice it's there.

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How to locate your pet

Pet trackers can provide location in a number of ways, depending on the brand of device and the location technology they use. An important consideration is battery life - if your pet does get lost, you need to make sure the device doesn't run out of battery power before you find it. 

At HUIYE, we use a proprietary hybrid location system to provide precise positioning for our pet tracker customers. This highly specialized service requires the use of algorithms for GNSS, Wi-Fi and cellular signals. Wi-Fi access points provide global coverage, ensuring that we provide the most accurate and precise location for pet tracking devices worldwide.

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