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Some Ways to Stop Vehicle Theft and Keep Your Car Safe

Dec. 20, 2021

Only 55 percent of stolen cars are recovered, sources said. Stolen cars can be dismantled into valuable parts, crashed while driving around or abandoned while fleeing law enforcement. Read on for proper education on theft prevention. GPS tracker manufacturers offer important tips that you can apply on a personal level to protect your vehicle.

1. Proper parking

Don't rush out to have fun, park your car in the first empty spot you see. Judge the parking lot until you are completely satisfied. Things to keep in mind when parking -

Park in a well-lit area, make sure there is moderate congestion around you, and try to park in an area monitored by CCTV. If parking in a public garage, try to keep it close to the attendant, near security cameras and next to other cars. Avoid parking in dark and remote areas whenever possible. When parking on the road, turn the wheels to the side of the road.

2. Keys

Keeping your keys safe goes without saying, but always make sure they are out of your sight and out of reach of anyone but you.

Never leave keys in the car, in the ignition, on the seat or even on the console, never leave spare keys in the car, secure them inside the house and only use them by a trusted few.

Don't rely on the remote key alone to lock the car. Some thieves use "jammers" to intercept the signal between the remote key and the car, unlocking it in the blink of an eye. Therefore, be sure to check the lock carefully before leaving.

3. Use GPS tracking system

Drivers will be more responsible because they know the real-time GPS vehicle tracker, whether it's engine trouble or any emergency, you can call for assistance. When a vehicle is stolen, it can be very difficult to track it. Most cars have their license plates replaced or removed to avoid being caught. GPS trackers can identify the location of your stolen car so you can have your property returned to you.


4. Technology to help you

There are various physical anti-theft devices on the market; we name and describe some of them here.

The first and main device is the car alarm. And a label on your car stating that it has an alarm function that will immediately stop a low-profile thief.

A termination switch can be installed in the car. It will interrupt a critical system in the vehicle, such as the ignition, electrical or fuel system, and can be disabled by code or key.

Another option is an electronic immobilizer that prevents the vehicle from being hot-wired. The car will only start when the immobilizer receives an RFID code from the key (or remote key).

Most GPS trackers are battery-powered, which means you have to check them often to avoid a dead battery at the worst possible time. Since these devices are easy to hide. Prevent potential thieves from finding it. Plug-in GPS trackers get their power from the car's electrical outlet, so you don't have to worry about replacing the battery, but they can be difficult to hide if you intend to use them as an anti-theft measure.

We have some special equipment that can be provided to meet your vehicle and car tracking and fleet management requirements, such as Custom GPS Tracking Device, OEM GPS tracking software and real-time GPS tracking equipment. To get more ideas about protecting your vehicles, please contact HUIYE.

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