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Huiye attend MWC2019

Mar. 03, 2020

Recently, the highly anticipated World Mobile Communications Conference 2019 kicked off in Barcelona, Spain, and Shenzhen Hui Ye Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the conference and set up a booth during the conference.

Mobile World Congress (English name: MobileWorld Congress for short: MWC) is an annual industry conference hosted by the Global Mobile Communications Systems Association (GSMA). The Mobile World Congress will always convey the new trends of the mobile communication industry in advance to the industry in this year, so the industry has attracted much attention.

HuiYe is China's leading manufacturer of mobile communications and Internet of Things equipment, and has shipped hundreds of millions of mobile communication terminal equipment since its establishment for more than ten years. From software and hardware design to production, Hui Ye provides users with a complete set of services and solutions. The latest Hui Ye product line covers 4G communication modules, NB IoT modules, and a variety of IoT application devices, including mobile locators, wearable devices, mobile phones, tablet devices and more.

At this MWC conference, Hui Ye highlighted the intelligent module of the Internet of Things.

There was a steady stream of guests in front of the Huiyi booth. Many manufacturers and technology enthusiasts showed great interest in the products.

Huiye attend MWC2019

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