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Does Your Teen Driver Need GPS Car Tracking?

Jun. 07, 2022

Many GPS trackings now come with a host of additional features beyond maps and directions. If you are the parent of a teen driver who is just starting to drive regularly, it may be time to look into how GPS systems with tracking can help curb bad driving habits.


We know you're already familiar with the basics of how GPS works. In this day and age, people use it all the time to find any store or restaurant they're going to, or to navigate on their cross-country trips.

So how exactly does GPS - or more specifically, GPS tracking - help raise a responsible teen driver who borrows the family car from time to time? The answer is features. Lots and lots of features. Here are some of our favorites.


GPS trackings


Locate Tracking

This handy feature lets you know exactly where your vehicle is using an app on your phone. GPS tracking allows you to see where your car is in real time. Geofencing: Geofencing is the perfect GPS tracking feature for parents who are concerned that their vehicle will be too far from home.



Geofencing is the perfect GPS tracking feature for parents who are concerned that their vehicle will be too far from home. On your GPS mobile app, you will be able to set specific boundaries that allow your vehicle to operate. While you will not be able to remotely disable your vehicle if it crosses the fence, this accountability allows teen drivers to be in control. If they know you will receive an alert, they are less likely to break the rules.

GPS trackings

Automobile data recorders


Driver behavior alerts

GPS tracking provides you with not only the location of your vehicle, but also insight into how it is being used. Exceeding the speed limit is always a concern for parents of teenage drivers. Thankfully, modern GPS systems allow you to set the highest approved speed level for your vehicle. This customizable alert will come in handy for parents concerned about teen drivers sneaking behind the wheel in the middle of the night.


GPS trackings


GPS provides extra security

The chances of your car being stolen are slim to none, but in case it happens, it's best to be prepared. Once again, GPS tracking comes to the rescue. After contacting local authorities, you can use GPS tracking to identify the exact location of your stolen vehicle. This provides the police with everything they need so they can recover your car for you.


Now that you know what a tracking-enabled GPS system can do for you and your teen driver, the next step is to work with the professionals at HUIYE to complete the upgrade.

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