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Buyer's Guide: Essential Qualities of GPS Tracking Suppliers

Mar. 28, 2022

Today, there is a wide range of gps tracking devices available in the market. Whether it is for personal use or industrial use, we can find tracking devices that meet all the requirements of vehicle owners.

Depending on the use and size of their fleet, there are tracking devices with seamless specifications and special configurations to meet the requirements of buyers. However, almost every software provider has the same specifications to fit the buyer's budget and needs.

But how do they find the right product for the buyer's needs from the vast array of vehicle tracking applications available on the market? They want to pursue the lower cost system will be an easier choice.

vehicles position


For a buyer to use a GPS tracking system for his/her fleet, they need to consider several things, such as

The number of vehicles they need to track.

The ability of the system to solve management problems

The system's ability to improve their fleet

The system's ability to upgrade its functionality as needed

What kind of ROI they can get by installing the system

With this in mind, the vehicle tracking application vendor should conduct a trial run to meet the buyer's needs.

Car Tracker

HMN001 Car Tracker

Performance Metrics

Here are some of the key performance indicators that tracking application vendors should demonstrate when conducting a trial run.

Installation of the entire installation will be completed within 1 week

After installation, the customer will be given a 1 week trial period

POC trial period will be given after software installation

In addition to this, the vendor should demonstrate hardware deliverables.

Alerts when the device is removed

Show automatic locking of the device when it is removed

Power failure alerts

Battery switch from primary to backup without reboot

Wireless programmability of the device

asset tracking

Data updates every 1-5 minutes via remote configuration

Show integration of geo-fencing routes for Lat Long for 2-3 locations

Displays alerts on route deviations and aborts via email/text message

Displays trip route, real-time trip status and trip end information

Health check at idle every 30 minutes

Short application response time

Depict automatic page refresh at predefined intervals

Various color-coded illustrations of vehicles based on their status

Display of vehicle registration number, speed when vehicle icon is clicked

Demonstration of geotechnical fence route deviation

Illustration of various color coding of vehicles based on trip status

Demonstration of minimum 10 levels of zoom for vehicle display

Full demonstration of the transport provider fleet management module

Vehicle Tracker

HMB001 Series Vehicle Tracker

We can see many vehicle tracking equipment suppliers in the market making exclusive claims about their products. However, a real vendor should demonstrate certain qualities and should be courteous enough to address any customer issues as described above.

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