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May. 22, 2020

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In many international reports, experts say that by 2050, the world’s agricultural sector needs to double its current capacity to feed the world’s population. While it becomes difficult to feed the world's population, environmental factors are pushing the agricultural sector more. Reduction of water and expensive energy make production difficult for farmers.

Better management of productivity in agriculture and animal husbandry and the support of emerging technologies in recent years provide both short-term and long-term benefits to farmers. Smart agriculture using IoT, which will increase in importance in the next 10 years, has already started to change the agricultural sector and increase its productivity. Now the heat values of the vegetables in the greenhouses can be provided with a single button, cows and chickens in the farms can be followed on the mobile phone.

                           How Does Smart Agriculture Using IoT Benefit Today's Modern Farming Industry?


Smart agriculture using IoT technology helps farmers reduce waste generated and increase productivity. Smart agriculture is a system that uses high technology to produce clean and sustainable food for the masses.

Intelligent solutions for livestock farms, greenhouses and open areas have become more and more widely used by farmers and production efficiency are created.

                              IoT Applications In Agriculture Plays an Important Role in Smart Farming


Recent research shows that the agricultural sector has a very low digital penetration rate compared to other sectors. The remaining agricultural sector in productivity and the addition of new services is entering a new era in digital transformation with technologies such as the internet of objects and artificial intelligence. The use of IoT applications in agriculture plays an important role for smart farming.

                        IoT in Agriculture Increases Productivity with User-Friendly Application Solutions



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